VA - El Patio - New Flamenco Chill (2004)

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VA - El Patio - New Flamenco Chill (2004) | MP3 @ 192 Kb

A new, inimitable and extremely personal sound has arrived. It is the sound of the Andalusian patios (courtyards). The idea of blending flamenco with electronic music appears to be becoming established. Especially among younger people. This time, new voices from within the world flamenco that are not well known yet have been used. The producers Luca Gemini and Javier Suárez 'Yarei' have contributed their enthusiasm, feelings and warmth, and together they have managed to carry out a perfect fusion between electronic music and flamenco 'melismas' (when several notes are sung over the same syllable, a common flamenco feature that embellishes the voice).

Track listing:

1. Cachito de Pan - Sara Heredia
2. Gitanilla de Madrid - La Tremendita
3. Jazmines Y Yerbabuena - Maite Maya
4. En Mi Patio - Juan Angel
5. Quejío - Antonio Campos
6. Si no Hay Duende - La Tremendita
7. El Rocío Del Alba - Sara Heredia
8. Me Saben a Canela - Maite Ángel
9. Hoy Seré Yo Sin Ti - Juan Angel
10. Tu Boca de Caramelo - Antonio Campos

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