ELO - Out of the Blue (ape)

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ELO - Out of the Blue (ape)

ELO - Out of the Blue
RIP+UP | format .ape | November 1977 | Label SONY | All CD Covers & Sticker | 456 Mb
ELO's fusion of Beatles-esque harmonies and melodic structure, coupled with their symphonic arrangements was just on the verge of wearing thin at the time they released Out of the Blue. To argue that the double album went platinum because of the band's live extravaganza to support it–the band performed inside a flying saucer–is a premise worthy of consideration. Song for song, Out of the Blue is not as strong as Face the Music, but it still has some of Jeff Lynne's finest compositions ever recorded. "Turn to Stone" and "Sweet Talkin' Woman" are almost downright giddy in their deliveries; the former opening with a string riff, the latter with a minor key violin line, before boasting a choral background accompaniment. "Mr. Blue Sky" and "The Whale" are almost too hokey, yet still managed to work. "Standin' in the Rain," "Big Wheels," and "Summer and Lightening" are more memorable. But in the end, power cello riffs can only take you so far. Stick with a "greatest hits" or "best of" collection in this case. Steve Gdula

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01. Turn To Stone
02. It's Over
03. Sweet Talkin' Woman
04. Across The Border
05. Night In The City
06. Starlight
07. Jungle
08. Believe Me Now
09. Steppin' Out
10. Standin' in The Rain
11. Big Wheels
12. Summer And Lightning
13. Mr. Blue Sky
14. Sweet Is The Night
15. The Whale
16. Birmingham Blues
17. Wild West Hero

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