Elvis COSTELLO - My Flame Burns Blue (Feb 2006)

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Elvis COSTELLO - My Flame Burns Blue (Feb 2006)

Release date (Previous) : 02.04.2006 Label : Deutsche Grammophon UP 75.1 Mb

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Elvis Costello will release My Flame Burns Blue, a live album with Metropole Orkest, a 52-piece jazz orchestra from The Netherlands, on Feb. 24, 2006 on Deutsche Grammophon. The album was recorded in concert at The Hague.

01 Hora Decubitus
02 Favourite Hour
03 That's How You Got Killed Before
04 Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue
05 Clubland
06 Almost Blue
07 Speak Darkly My Angel
08 Almost Ideal Eyes
09 Can You Be True?
10 Put Away Forbidden Playthings
11 Episode Of Blonde
12 My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count)
13 Watching The Detectives
14 God Give Me Strength

75.1 Mb
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