Ely Guerra - Sweet & Sour, Hot y Spicy

Posted By: jepthe
Ely Guerra - Sweet & Sour, Hot y Spicy (1 CD) 76 Mb.
Genre: Rock/alternative/electronica | RIP (mp3@192) / CD audio (14 Sept 2004)
Label EMI/Capitol

Ely Guerra has been compared to PJ Harvey and Joni Mitchell, not to mention fellow Mexican music diva Lila Downs. But whereas Downs's music looks back as it looks forward–-some of her influences are traditions that go back centuries–-Guerra has always been firmly entrenched in modern day styles on both sides of the border. Her fourth album opens with "Te Amo, I Love You," which is a Spanish language rocker that ferociously roars. Soon she turns to touch on percolating electronic pop, subdued ballads and organic urban grooves that recalls songwriter Joe Henry. Amidst these different music flavors, Guerra's voice grandly soars overhead, coos to a lover, whispers and cajoles, proving she is as versatile as her backing. It's no surprise that the album is called Sweet and Sour, Hot Y Spicy; Guerra shares a lot of different sides of herself on it. Indeed, Guerra's decade-long career is an illustrious one, but this is an album is a real bright spot. –Tad Hendrickson (