Frank Zappa - The yellow shark

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Frank Zappa - The yellow shark

Genre: Avant-garde classical | MP3 Lame 320|Covers + Booklet included | Recovery record 3% |170 Mb

Here some texts and lyrics of this album.

This is my first Cd ripping and sharing. It took much time to organize and upload everything.
In this way i'm now more aware of the people's kindness who gave me the opportunity to download some good stuff (as balkanz or this Allen Ginsberg double CD…)

But the main problem is that my efforts can be wasted; F Z's materials usually don't last much time on the host sites, because some pumpkin is monitoring forums and blogs very carefully and constantly, complaining
when this music goes out from his commercial control. Which BTW is not in the Frank style and spirit:
see for example his " Steal This Disc (Ryko RCD 00056, 1987)", "Steal This Disc 2 (Ryko RCD 00076, 1988)" and "Steal This Disc 3 (Ryko RCD 00205, 1991)", recognizing the discography system was stealing not only his work but also that of his musicians; whereas the public must enjoy the exuberant creativity of his music.

I don't know how to bypass that control and the only thing I can say is :
- grab it soon, before it disappears;
- spread the links only in closed forums you trust;
- if you can, upload again under different hosts and/or file-names.
This is also the reason why I have maskered paranoically the name of the autor along this article, to avoid search engines retrieve it easily.

Frank Zappa - The yellow shark

Oxyshare DOWNLOAD (the zip file contains ".part5.rar" and the covers+booklet):
pass: ProducedAndComposedByF****Z****
(replace the **** with lower case letters …)