Engelbert Humperdinck - Greatest Love Songs (2004) Remastered Tracks

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Engelbert Humperdinck - Greatest Love Songs (2004)
Romantic Ballad | CBR 256 kbps | mp3 | 76 mb

This is a special oldie for a special occasion. Let the 'King of Romance' himself entertain you and your partner with his 'Greatest Love Songs' for this year's Valentine's Day

For this post I have replaced all the older original tracks, except one, 'I Wish You Love', with remastered tracks I have from his other latest compilations. It is good folks. So give it a listen. Better still, put on your headphone, turn down the lights and ... or have a beer? Whatever.

For some (younger I suppose) who haven't heard of Engelbert, just look him up at Amazon or AMG. I'm sure you'll find something there:-) Anyway here's a brief review from amazon.

Anyone can merely sing a love song. But it takes audacity and fearless bravado -- and the sterling pipes to deliver them -- to turn a mere three-minute paean to l'mour into something approaching operatic pop aria, which is what former rock 'n' roller Gerry Dorsey turned international pop superstar Engelbert Humperdinck has done with remarkable consistency since the mid-60's. This anthology deftly underscores the point, kicking off with his breakthrough "Release Me" (the record that broke The Beatles string of #1 records in '67), then ranging across another eleven emblematic tracks from his early successes with the Parrot label. His powerful baritone occasionally tips his longtime admiration of Elvis, its deceptively effortless phrasing rooted in Humperdinck's own first instrument, the saxophone. Spiced with Latin rhythmic touches ("Take My Heart") and drama Italiano "Love Me With All of Your heart," A Man Without Love," Rota's love theme from Romeo and Juliet, ) these are the templates for the Big E's enduring romantic oeuvre.--Jerry McCulley

Track List:

01 - Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)
02 - My World (Il Mondo)
03 - Take My Heart
04 - The Last Waltz
05 - A Man Without Love (Quando M'innamoro)
06 - The Shadow Of Your Smile
07 - The Way It Used To Be
08 - Winter World Of Love
09 - I Wish You Love
10 - A Time For Us (Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet)
11 - Just Say I Love Her
12 - Love Me With All Your Heart (Quando Caliente El Sol)
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Bonus: One of my favorite songs not in this album is 'Spanish Eyes' (remastered). If you want it, grab it at the link below (6mb):