Ertugrul Erkisi Efkar Turkish

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Ertugrul Erkisi Efkar  Turkish

01. Hicaz Taksim
02. Efkar
03. Saba Taksim
04. Aman Doktor
05. Nihavend Taksim
06. Vucud-ı İklimin Sultanı Sensin
07. Uşşak Taksim
08. Kırmızı Gül Demet Demet
09. Kürdi Taksim
10. Hastane Önünde İncir Ağacı

Ertugrul Erkisi Efkar  Turkish

Ertuğrul Erkişi was born on 1972 in Çorum. While he was attending high school he took four-year musical education from Conservatory of Bursa Municipality. He was graduated from Singing Department of State Conservatory of EGE University in 1996. He completed his post graduate education in Institute of Social Sciences of EGE University. He worked as vocal artist trainee in Turkish State Radios between 1992-2000, he was enlightened by Master Turkish Singers named Kutlu Payaslı, Akın Özkan, Erdinç Çelikkol. Between 2001-2003 he acted as both speaker and performers of a TV program named “Muhabbet Bağı-Friendly Relation” in Samanyolu TV. His album named “Muhabbet Bağı” was released in 2000 and album named “Güllerin Efendisi” was released in 2002 by Beyza Music Corp. He appeared concerts in Germany, Austria, Netherland, Russia, Tataristan and USA. He started to play Tanbur through lessons he received from Akın Özkan in his university education, and during these years he was also interested in Bowed Tanbur and he has self developed himself with this instrument.He currently appears concerts both at home and abroad as well as he continues his radio programs in Burç FM.

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Ertugrul Erkisi Efkar  Turkish