O Rappa - O Silêncio Q Precede O Esporro (2003)

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O Rappa - O Silêncio Q Precede O Esporro
2003 | Pop/Rock/Brasilian Pop | 320 Kbps Mp3 | 163 MB | Cover

1. Intro, Pt. 1
2. Reza Vela
3. Intro, Pt. 2
4. Rodo Cotidiano
5. Papo de Surdo Mudo
6. Intro, Pt. 3
7. Bitterusso Champagne
8. Intro, Pt. 4
9. Mar de Gente
10. O Salto, Pt. 1
11. Intro, Pt. 5
12. Linha Vermelha
13. Pára Pegador
14. Intro, Pt. 6
15. Intro, Pt. 7
16. Intro, Pt. 8
17. Óbvio
18. Intro IX
19. Maneiras (Part. Zeca Pagodinho)
20. O Novo Já Nasce Velho
21. Deus Lhe Pague
22. Intro X
23. O Salto, Pt. 2


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Review by Philip Jandovský
The group's previous album, Instinto Coletivo, had an enormous commercial success and sold platinum and O Rappa O Silêncio Q Precede O Esporro continues the chosen path of mixing rock, funk, reggae, rap and some traditional Brazilian rhythms. The outstanding track of this album is without doubt the intensive and irresistible Reza Vela. The only really weak track is the version of Chico Buarque's early 70's classic "Deus lhe pague", which frankly doesn't come off well at all in O Rappas modern pop format. The album is heavy on dub, electronic beats, scratches, massive bass lines and electric guitars, accentuating the trade mark groove that has always been O Rappas claim to fame. The folksy and popular samba artist Zeca Pagodinho appears on "Maneiras", which as one might then expect, has an evident samba beat. A peculiar feature on the album is the many "intros", preceding the songs, most of them using the voice of Waly Salomão.