Everclear - Welcome To The Drama Club (2006)

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Everclear - Welcome To The Drama Club (2006)

Everclear - Welcome To The Drama Club (2006)
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01. Under The Western Stars
02. Now
03. Shine
04. Hater
05. The Drama King
06. Glorious
07. Taste Of Hell
08. Portland Rain
09. A Shameless Use Of Charm
10. Clean
11. Broken
12. Your Arizona Room

Rolling Stone
"Art Alexakis is one of the only rock stars around with anything to say about real life"

Product Description
One of the most dominant bands of the '90s is back. Fueled by the powerful songwriting of Art Alexakis, the single "Hater" is a return to the sound that scored Everclear several multi-platinum hits on alternative rock and MTV, including mainstays like "Santa Monica", "Father Of Mine", "Everything To Everyone", "I Will Buy You A New Life", and "Wonderful".

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