Faye Wong - Fable (2000)

Posted By: proshot
Faye Wong's 2000 release FABLE simply negated all the previous releases. This album is probably the best in Faye's career, and one of the very best in contemporary Asian music scenes. The first five tracks (also the best five tracks) weave into a tale that dated back to pre-historic times. Faye Wong composed the music for all these five tracks with Lin Xi's poetic lyrics. The music was recorded in Beijing. All five tracks were arranged, programmed, and mixed by long-time music partner and friend Zhang Ya Dong, who also played drum. The Beijing Symphony Orchestra performed strings and Yue Hao Kun took the bass. Faye Wong inthis album once again demonstrated her senses for an alternative music that redefines the mainstream Hong Kong/Taiwan music, which is mostly characterized by soft ballads and sappy love songs.