Fleetwood Mac - Kiln House (1970)

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Fleetwood Mac - Kiln House (1970)

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Summary: Fleetwood Mac stands on its feet following the loss of Green

Comment: Following the loss of their leader, blues guitar god Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac seemed kaput! At least that would be the mindset of a lesser group. But this is Fleetwood Mac- the ultimate rock 'n' roll soap opera/survival story. So just several months after the loss of Greeny the Mac come back with another entertaining album.

While Jeremy Spencer is fronting the group Fleetwood Mac is a '50's rock/R%B revival group while when Danny Kirwan was fronting the group Fleetwood Mac was a pop rock/guitar rock group, each though entertaining doesn't quite gel together like the original Mac did under Green. Howevery it is still a fun album, and highlites Kirwan's evolution as a songwriter, pumping out such melodic classics as Station Man, Jewel Eyed Judy, and Earl Grey while Spencer proves as fun as ever with '50s parodies such as This is the Rock and Honey Hush that don't sink into the ridiculous. While there are some clunkers there is still no reason for one not to enjoy this album.

Kiln House was the transition album for Fleetwood Mac from blues rock to pop rock. By their next album Jeremy Spencer was out, Bob Welch and Christine McVie were in, and the Mac were on the way to becoming one of the finest rock groups of their time. This is the first album steered in that direction, and it is worth it for all fans of Fleetwood Mac.


1. This Is the Rock
2. Station Man
3. Blood on the Floor
4. Hi Ho Silver
5. Jewel Eyed Judy
6. Buddy's Song
7. Earl Gray
8. One Together
9. Tell Me All the Things You Do
10. Mission Bell

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