FLEETWOOD MAC - Tango in the night

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FLEETWOOD MAC - Tango in the night

FLEETWOOD MAC - Tango in the night
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Original Release Date 1987
Label WARNER Bros / Wea
Thanks to the long shadow cast by the group's blockbuster Rumours, this 1987 effort was inevitably regarded as something of a letdown. That's too bad, since it's an underrated set that contains plenty of inventively catchy tunes, with a quirky sonic edge that gives the songs added sonic and emotional depth. Lindsey Buckingham's eccentric, vaguely menacing "Big Love" is a standout, as is Christine McVie's brightly bittersweet "Little Lies," along with such dark-horse winners as "Seven Wonders," "Caroline," "Mystified," and Stevie Nicks's typically mystical "Welcome to the Room … Sara." Scott Schinder

01. Big Love
02. Seven Wonders
03. Everywhere
04. Caroline
05. Tango In The Night
06. Mystified
07. Little Lies
08. Family Man
09. Welcome To The Room…Sara
10. Isn't It Midnight
11. When I See You Again
12. You And I, Part II

69.2 Mb
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