Bentley Rhythm Ace - For Your Ears Only

Posted By: amadou

Bentley Rhythm Ace - For Your Ears Only
Mp3 - 192Kbs | 77 MB | Genre: Dance Pop, Big Beat
Release Date: Dec 5, 2000 | Label: EMI

Sophomore album from quirky dance duo comprised of Mike Stokes (aka Michael Barrywhoosh) & ex-Pop Will Eat Itself bassist Richard March (aka Barry Island)

1. Ride Your Sleigh…
2. T-Spot
3. Theme From 'Gutbuster'
4. Madam Your Carriage Awaits
5. A Lot Of Stick (But Not Much Carrot)
6. Summersong Blue
7. Busyness Mans Lunch
8. Duckweb And Fishlip
9. Jim'll Twist It
10. Barry Normal Eyes
11. Do The Christmas Rush
12. Kenny Beats (Part One)
13. How'd I Do Dat????
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