Franck Black Fast Man, Raider Man - Mp3-2006

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Franck Black Fast Man, Raider Man - Mp3-2006

Franck Black - Fast Man Raider Man

date: 2006
Mp3 - 256 Kpbs
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Disc: 1
1. If Your Poison Get You
2. Johnny Barleycorn
3. Fast Man
4. You Can't Crucify Yourself
5. Dirty Old Town
6. Wanderlust
7. Seven Days
8. Raider Man
9. The End Of The Summer
10. Dog Sleep
11. When The Paint Grows Darker Still
12. I'm Not Dead (I'm In Pittsburgh)
13. Golden Shore

Disc: 2
1. In The Time Of My Ruin
2. Down To You
3. Highway To Lowdown
4. Kiss My Ring
5. My Terrible Ways
6. Fitzgerald
7. Elijah
8. It's Just Not Your Moment
9. The Real El Rey
10. Where The Wind Is Going
11. Holland Town
12. Sad Old World
13. Don't Cry That Way
14. Fare Thee Well

Recorded in the same casual manner as 2005's Honeycomb, in various hit-and-run sessions with superstar session musicians during gaps in the Pixies' unending reunion tour, Fast Man Raider Man abides by the this-will-do aesthetic that has been a hallmark of Frank Black's solo career. With songs seemingly made up on the spot, the singer delivers a thoroughly mellow 27-track double album that is largely free of the inscrutability and insanity of his most famous work. Instead, it is homey pedal steel guitars, sleepy saxophone solos, rootsy barroom rockers like "Down To You," a heart-on-sleeve R&B ballad or two such as "Sad Old World," and a wobbly cover of Ewan MacColl's "Dirty Old Town." His strangest offering yet?

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