Frank Zappa - "Tinsel Town Rebellion"

Posted By: Alexpal

Frank Zappa - "Tinsel Town Rebellion" | 1995 | Rykodisc | 320 kbps | CD-DA Source | 143 Mb

From the Label: Originally released in 1981 as a double (mostly) live album, now on one CD. At this time FZ began to appropriate punk rock for his own satiric purposes, and the title track takes an hilariously vicious look at the spoiled-brat punk bands that had begun to proliferate on the Sunset Strip. Sexual buffoonery was also one of his favorite topics here, in such pointed numbers as "Fine Girl," "Easy Meat," "Bamboozled By Love." There's some good audience-interaction bits here as well, including one where he successfully solicits panties from female fans.

1. Fine Girl
2. Easy Meat
3. For The Young Sophisticate
4. Love Of My Life
5. I Ain't Got No heart
6. Panty Rap
7. Tell Me You Love Me
8. Now You See It - Now You Don't
9. Dance Contest
10. The Blue Light
11. Tinseltown Rebellion
12. Pick Me, I'm Clean
13. Bamboozled By Love
14. Brown Shoes Don't Make It
15. Peaches III