Frank Zappa - The Dub Room Special (1984)

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Frank Zappa - The Dub Room Special (1984)

Frank Zappa - The Dub Room Special (1984)
VHS RIP (Excellent Quality) STEREO | 902 MB (10 FILES)
352 x 240 | MPEG Audio Decoder/MPEG Video Decoder | 92 Mins

Credited Cast:

Steve Vai
Massimo Bassoli
Napoleon Murphy Brock
Tom Fowler
Ed Mann
Tommy Mars
Bobby Martin
Chester Thompson
Scott Thunes
Ruth Underwood
Chad Wackerman
Ray White
Frank Zappa

A Reviewer Wrote:

This television special from the early 1980s by Frank Zappa is an amazing amalgamation of concert footage from 1974 and 1982. Astute viewers will note that the 1974 footage is from the KCET-TV special the Mothers did in that year - from which most of the "Inca Roads" track on One Size Fits All is taken. The performances by all musicians involved are intense, notably those of percussionist Ruth Underwood and singer/saxophone player Napoleon Murphy Brock. It's really great to be able to see these Mothers perform: these are two of the best performing ensembles that Frank ever put together. Also of interest: writer Massimo Bassoli sings "Tengo na minchia tanta", which you may recognize from the CD release of the Uncle Meat soundtrack. If you can track this show down (EBay is a good place to start), I highly recommend it.

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