FRIENDS: The Complete TENTH Season [Exclusive Release]

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FRIENDS: The Complete TENTH Season [Exclusive Release]

Friends - The Complete Tenth Season

In the past ten years, JENNIFER ANISTON, COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE, LISA KUDROW, MATT LEBLANC, MATTHEW PERRY, and DAVID SCHWIMMER had always been there for us, as we were for them. They have made us laugh outloud until our sides split. They made us laugh when we felt down about something. They were there for us, just like the song said. Now, it is time for our six best & dearest friends to say goodbye.

We had seen our Friends last in Barbados, where Charlie had broken up with Joey, for she was way to smart for Joey, meaning that they had nothing in common. Charlie went to Ross, since they both are Paleontologists. Joey finds them kissing, which leads him to kiss Rachel, after Rachel had confessed to Joey that she had a crush on him. Ross finds out and becomes mentally unstable, but realizes that he does not want to stand in the way of his two best friends. But fortunately, Rachel realized that she really does not want to be with Joey in the sense of a loving relationship, for she doesn't feel that way about him. So, they break up only after a week. But they decide to remain very good friends.

Phoebe is back into a healthy relationship with Mike. She feels that she is not going to let him get away this time. After awhile, Phoebe wants to know why Mike has not yet proposed to her. But her wish might finally come true. Mike takes her to a hockey game and is ready to propose to Phoebe by having a WILL-YOU-MARRY-ME message flash upon the backdrop hockey screen. But somebody else had proposed to his girlfriend that way, causing Phoebe to feel that that is the dumbest way to propose. But Mike proposes to Phoebe the old-fashioned way: in a romantic restaurant. Phoebe accepts Mike's offer and gears herself up to become the beautiful Bride. Ross and Charlie break up, since Charlie went back to her boyfriend, Ben.

Phoebe and Mike's wedding day has arrived, where they have a beautiful winter wedding outside the coffee house.

Monica and Chandler are now adopting a child. A woman named Erica is pregnant and is looking for a married couple to adopt her baby. She has picked Monica and Chandler. After finding out that they are going to be parents, Monica and Chandler decide to move to into a house in Westchester

Rachel is fired from her job at Ralph Lauren. Rachel runs into Mark, the one man Ross has been jealous of when he had helped Rachel get her job at Bloomingdales. Mark helps her find a job in fashion, but it is in Paris. Rachel decides to go, while Ross is devastated.

The night before, Rachel gives everyone a warm goodbye, but not Ross. Ross yells at her for not giving him a warm goodbye. Rachel runs over to his place and explains why. She didn't say goodbye because it was already hard to say goodbye to Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, and Monica. She tells him that because of she and Ross had been through, it is even harder to say goodbye to him, which leads the two into kissing, where they sleep together. He hoped this would make her stay, but it doesn't work. She sets out to the airport as, Erica, who has temporarily moved into New York to be closer to Monica and Chandler, goes into labor. Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe convince Ross to go after Rachel and tell her how much he really loves her. Phoebe drives him to the airport. Phoebe helps out by driving Ross and by making the passengers to Paris, by phone, think there is something wrong with the plane.

Once the plane thing was worked out, Rachel boards as Ross and Phoebe arrive. Ross calls out to Rachel. She comes off the jet way and is surprised to see him. He confesses his true love for her. But it scares her, so she gets back on the plane without saying a word. Ross, hurt, goes on home. He arrives at home and checks his answering machine and gets a message from Rachel, apologizing for not saying anything to the beautiful things he said to her. It made her realize that she loves him just as much as he does her. She tries getting off the plane, but the flight attendants wouldn't let her, where the message is cut off. A second later, all we hear is, "I got off the plane". He runs over to Rachel, grabs her and hugs so passionately. They vow to not do anything to mess this up again. Ross and Rachel are now back in the game forever. Erica has given birth to a beautiful baby boy and a baby girl.

They are all packed up. Monica leaves her key on the counter for the superintendent, which leads Chandler, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, and Rachel to leave their keys as well. They all hug each other, until Rachel, through tears, asks, "Do you guys have to move into the house right away or do you still have time?" They have time, which leads Rachel into asking, "Well, do you wanna get some coffee?" They all agree and head out to the coffee house one last time as a six-Friend group. They take the babies with them as they walk out of the empty once-owned-by-Monica apartment, with their arms around each other.

Yes, we will laugh because our friends are incredibly funny. But at the very end, we will all be crying as we watch our friends go on and open up new chapters in their lives. Even though the show is now over, our six best friends want to tell us something and it is something that The Rembrandts once said: "I'll Be There For You when the rain starts to pour. I'll Be There For You like I've been there before. I'll Be There For You 'cause you're there for me too". To Jennifer, Courteney, Lisa, Matt, Matthew, & David: We want you to know that we love you, we miss you, we need you.

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