G3 Live In Concert 1999 (Satriani, Johnson, Vai)

Posted By: kocas

G3 Live In Concert 1999 192kbps HQ cbr mp3. Total 110mb 3 parts rar archive, no pass

Here is my review of each guitarist on here:
Joe Satriani starts off the show.He is the guitarist I was most familiar with before buying the CD and DVD.He plays the songs "Cool No.9","Flying in a Blue Dream,"and "Summer Song".The third one is my favorite.He is my all time favorite guitarist(Vai is second).
Eric Johnson is next.He is the guitarist I was least familiar with.He is the most melodic guitarist here.Manhattan is my favorite. I like it because it sounds jazzy.
Steve Vai closes this show.He is probably my second favorite guitarist on here.He is definitely the most of a showman.Plus he has "The Incredible" Mike Keneally on guitar and keyboards.He plays the songs "Answers","For The Love of God",and "Attitude Song".In "Attitude Song",him and Mike Keneally duel with each other,and Keneally is just as fast.
Last becomes the best moment of all.All 3 "G's" jam together!They play the Freddie King/Jeff Beck classic "Going Down",the Frank Zappa classic "My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama",and a nine minute blues workout on the Jimi Hendrix classic "Red House".The second is my favorite.Joe sings the first song,Steve and Keneally sing the second,and Eric sings the last.None of them can really sing.I can't wait to go to G3 '03 with Yngwie Malmsteen instead of Eric Johnson.
P.S.I went there.It was awesome,but this concert was better.I missed Eric Johnson.Yngwie's licks sounded mostly the same,and the three man jams were EXTREMELY loud.

I extremely recommend this recording for ANYONE who is into guitars.