Gabor Szabo - The Sorcerer 1967

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Jazz Workshop, Boston: April 14-15, 1967

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Великолепная гитара Габора Сабо

Габор Сабо был одним из наиболее оригинальных гитаристов 60-х. В 20 лет сбежав из коммунистической Венгрии и поселившись в Калифорнии Габор остался верен своим корням – в его творчестве смешались венгерская фолк музыка, глубокая любовь к джазу и необычная виртуозная гитарная техника

Gabor Szabo was one of the most original guitarists to emerge in the 1960s, mixing his Hungarian folk music heritage with a deep love of jazz and crafting a distinctive, largely self-taught sound. Inspired by a Roy Rogers cowboy movie, Szabo began playing guitar when he was 14 and often played in dinner clubs and covert jam sessions while still living in Budapest. He escaped from his country at age 20 on the eve of the Communist uprising and eventually made his way to America, settling with his family in California.

1 - The Beat Goes On (Sonny Bono) - 4:52
2 - Little Boat (B. Kaye/R. Menescal/R. Boscoli) - 4:23
3 - Lou-ise (Jimmy Stewart) - 4:17
4 - What is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter) - 5:15
5 - Space (Gabor Szabo) - 6:39
6 - Stronger Than Us (Francis Lai/Pierre Barough) - 4:13
7 - Mizrab (Gabor Szabo) - 6:58
8 - Comin' Back (Clyde Otis/Gabor Szabo) - 1:53
9 - Los Matadoros (Szabo) 12:09
10- People Merrill, Styne 5:18
11- Corcovado (Jobim) 3:22