Gaelic Storm «Special Reserve»

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Gaelic Storm «Special Reserve» (2003)
Irish Folk

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Higher Octave presents the latest up-beat release from Gaelic Storm with "Special Reserve", featuring some of the best vocal harmonies and Celtic tunes this side of the green hills of Ireland. Makes you want to head for the nearest pub and celebrate with "COURTIN' IN THE KITCHEN". Especially remembering the steerage party in the "Titanic", keeps ringing in your head long after you've seen the film. Each cue with all the energy and enthusiasm that the fans crave. Just take a look at the stand outs ~ "THE SCHOONER LAKE SET", "NANCY WHISKEY", "TELL ME MA" and "BEGGARMAN", with every inch of rhythmic impressions that comes shining through with folksy upbeat sounds. Whether it's contemporary or traditional you can't help listening and falling for their style and one-of-a-kind delivery...gotta love it!

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Tracks 1 - 5 | 27.1 Mb

1. Courtin' In The Kitchen
2. Johnny Tarr
3. The Schooner Lake Set
4. Leaving Of Liverpool
5. Drink The Night Away

Tracks 6 - 9 | 22.8 Mb

6. After Hours At McGann's
7. Swimmin' In The Sea
8. Nancy Whiskey
9. She Was The Prize

Tracks 10 - 13 | 21.5 Mb

10. Johnny Jump Up / Morrison's Jig
11. Titanic Set
12. Tell Me Ma
13. Beggarman