Georg Friedrich Haendel – Saul – conducted by Rene Jacobs

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APE | 2005 | 150 min. | 2CD + Covers + Booklet
Classical - Opera

Georg Friedrich Haendel – Saul – conducted by Rene Jacobs

Georg Friedrich Haendel – Saul

The most dramatic of oratorios. Although oratorios are not intended to be staged, Handel’s Saul is something of an exception – for one thing, it contains extremely precise stage directions which were printed in the wordbooks distributed at performances. Hence audiences at the first English oratorios could construct a form of mental theatre, aided by Handel’s dazzling musical depiction of the action: as we listen, we can see Goliath’s gigantic strides, the course of the Jordan, or Saul throwing his javelin.

Georg Friedrich Haendel - Saul - CD1

01. Symphony [0:08:00.22]
02. I.i.1(Chorus)How excellent Thy name, o Lord [0:02:37.09]
03. I.i.2(Air S)An infant raised by thy command-I.i.3(Trio ATB)Along the monster atheist strode [0:02:08.48]
04. I.i.4(SATB)The youth inspired by Thee, o Lord-I.i.5(Chorus)How excellent Thy name, o Lord [0:03:55.38]
05. I.ii.6(Rec Michal)He comes, he comes!-I.ii.7(Air Michal)O God-like youth!-I.ii.8(Rec Abner,Saul,David)Behold, o King, the brave [0:03:38.34]
06. I.ii.9(Air David)O King your favors with delight-I.ii.10(Rec Jonathan)Oh early piety! [0:05:21.56]
07. I.ii.11(Air Merab)What abject thoughts a prince can have!-I.ii.12(Rec Merab) Yet think, on whom this honour you bestow [0:02:13.48]
08. I.ii.13(Air Jonathan)Birth and fortune I despise! [0:04:56.67]
09. I.ii.14(Rec High Priest) Go on illustrious pair!-I.ii.15(Air High Priest) While yet thy tide of blood runs high [0:02:45.03]
10. I.ii.16(Rec Saul,Merab)Thou, Merab-I.ii.17(Air Merab)My soul-I.ii.18(Air Michal)See, with what-I.ii.19(Air Michal)Ah, lovely yo [0:03:19.51]
11. I.ii.20 Symphony-I.ii.21(Rec Michal)Already see the daughter of the land-I.iii.22(Chorus)Welcome, welcome, mighty king! [0:02:47.00]
12. I.iii.23(Acc Saul)What do I hear?-I.iii.24(Chorus)David his 10.000 slew-I.iii.25(Acc Saul) To him-I.iii.26(Air Saul) With rage [0:02:17.64]
13. I.iv.27(Rec Jonathan,Michal)Imprudent women!-I.iv.28(Air Michal) Fell rage and black despair possessed [0:02:58.61]
14. I.iv.29(Rec High Priest)This but the smallest part of Harmony-I.iv.30(Acc High Priest)By thee this universal frame [0:02:47.20]
15. I.v.31(Rec Abner)Racked with infernal pains-I.v.32(Air David)O Lord, whose mercies numberless [0:03:51.67]
16. I.v.33 Symphony-I.v.34(Rec Jonathan)'Tis all in vain, his fury still continues [0:02:14.54]
17. I.v.35(Air Saul)A serpent, in my bosom warmed-I.v.36(Rec Saul)Has he escaped my rage? [0:02:22.04]
18. I.v.37(Air Merab)Capricious man [0:03:38.23]
19. Jonathan)O filial piety! Jonathan) No, cruel father, no! [0:03:00.25]
20. High Priest)O Lord whose Preserve him for the glory of Thy name [0:03:37.31]
21. II.i.42(Chorus)Envy! Eldest born of hell! [0:02:47.59]
22. II.ii.43(Rec Jonathan)Ah! dearest friend-II.ii.44(Air Jonathan)But sooner Jordan' stream, I swear [0:02:36.12]
23. II.ii.45(Rec David,Jonathan)Oh strange vicissitude!-II.ii.46(Air David)Such haughty beauties rather move [0:05:07.70]

Georg Friedrich Haendel – Saul - CD2

01. II.ii.47(Rec Jonathan)My father comes-II.iii.48(Rec Saul,Jonathan)Hast thou obeyed my orders [0:00:42.67]
02. II.iii.49(Air Jonathan)Sin not, o king-II.iii.50(Air Saul)As great Jehovah lives-II.iii.51(Air Jonathan)From cities stormed [0:04:54.54]
03. II.iv.52(Rec Jonathan,Saul)Appear my friend-II.iv.53(Air David)Your words, o king-II.iv.54(Rec Saul)Yes, he shall wed my daught [0:01:49.06]
04. II.v.55(Rec Michal)A father's will-II.v.56(Duet Michal,David)O fairest of ten thousand fair-II.v.57(Chorus)Is there a man [0:04:18.57]
05. II.v.58 Symphony [0:04:35.11]
06. David)Thy father is as David,Michal)At persecution I can laugh [0:01:37.10]
07. II.vii.61(Rec Michal,Doeg)Whom dost thou seek-II.vii.62(Air Michal)No, no let the guilty tremble [0:02:14.19]
08. II.viii.63(Rec Merab)Mean as he was he is my brother now-II.viii.64(Air Merab)Author of peace, who canst controul [0:03:32.41]
09. II.ix.65 Symphony [0:01:06.27]
10. II.ix.66(Acc Saul)The time at length is come-II.x.67(Rec Saul,Jonathan)Where is the son of Jesse? [0:01:29.59]
11. II.x.68(Chorus)Oh fatal consequence of Rage [0:04:46.30]
12. III.i.69(Acc Saul)Wretch that I am-III.i.70(Rec Acc Saul)'Tis said, here lives a woman [0:03:15.08]
13. III.ii.71(Rec Witch,Saul)With me what would'st thou-III.ii.72(Air Witch of Endor)Infernal spirits [0:02:50.31]
14. III.iii.73(Acc Samuel,Saul)Why hast thou forced me from the realms of peace [0:02:42.06]
15. III.iii.74 Symphony [0:00:33.55]
16. III.iv.75(Rec David,Amalekite)Whence comest thou?-III.iv.76(Air David)Impious wretch, of race accurst! [0:02:52.38]
17. III.iv.77 March [0:03:03.21]
18. III.v.78(Chorus)Mourn, Israel [0:03:27.07]
19. III.v.79(Air High Priest)Oh let it not in Gath be heard [0:02:07.01]
20. III.v.80(Air Merab)From this unhappy day [0:02:39.15]
21. III.v.81(Air David)Brave Jonathan his bow never drew-III.v.82(Chorus) Eagles were not so swift as they [0:02:09.43]
22. III.v.83(Air Michal)In sweetest harmony they lived!-III.v.84(Solo David&Chorus)O fatal day!-III.v.85(Rec Abner)Ye men of Judah, [0:09:06.57]
23. III.v.86(Chorus)Gird on thy sword, thou man of might [0:05:01.21]


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