Geri Allen - The Nurturer

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Geri Allen - The Nurturer

Geri Allen - The Nurturer (1990)
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"The music is highly interesting! Bold, complex, energetic, beautiful acoustic jazz, typical of its period. There's some effortless blending of different subdivisions of rhythm (Watts and Hurst have teamed up before…), some spirited almost-free blowing, some serious loose and groovy second-line blues romping, floating, all-encompassing jazz music. All the players deliver, and the band sound is great. Geri Allen rocks. Open your ears and dig in."
- B.A.H.

1. Night's Shadow
2. No 3
3. It's Good To Be Home Again
4. Marcus' Time
5. Night Of Power
6. Our Gang Listen
7. Silence And Song/The Nuturer
8. Le Goo Wop
9. Lullaby Of Isfahan