Giovanni Marradi - Passionate Piano @320

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Giovanni Marradi - Passionate Piano

MP3 320 Kbps | Sample rate: 48,000Hz | LAME MP3 Codec

This is Giovanni's latest recording and a masterpiece from the piano genius - not sold in stores yet. Who says perfection cannot be achieved??

I had a pleasure of meeting Giovanni in person and talking to him in Las Vegas after one of his sell-out concerts. It was one of the greatest and moving experiences of my life. As a pianist myself, I am deeply moved by his genius at the piano... he is my inspiration toward perfection.

He is well on his way... keep an eye on him... soon he will be a household name. Awesome music.

I give you this because I want to share his music with you. I hope this makes you come back for more.

His passion is his music. And the music is from his heart. When Giovanni performs you can feel the love pouring out of every note. As he caresses the keys, rich, romantic melodies flow from his fingertips. This is music for lovers and for those who want to fall in love...

This is the “Passionate Piano”of Giovanni.

Produced,Arranged and Performed by Giovanni Marradi
*All Songs written by Giovanni Marradi except as noted.

Tracks Listing:
01. GARDEN OF DREAMS G.Marradi 3:40
02. INFINITE G.Marradi 2:36
04. PEACEFULLY G.Marradi 3:49
05. VERSAILLES G.Marradi 3:04
06. LYSISITRATA G.Marradi 3:34
07. POEME G.Marradi 2:44
08. SILENT RAIN G.Marradi 2:53
09. BALALAIKA G.Marradi 2:29
10. FOR YOU MOM G.Marradi 3:18

11. A WHITER SHADE OF PALE K.Reid/G.Broker* 4:12
12. ONLY YOU B.Ram/A.Rand* 4:13
13. ANNIE’S SONG J.Denver* 2:17
14. WITHOUT YOU W.Ham/T.Evans* 3:20

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