Gloria Estefan - Amor Y Suerte [2004]

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Романтические баллады, прекрасные романсы в исполнении Глории Эстефан - одной из величайших представительниц кубинской музыки. Правда сейчас она считается американской звездой :), но корни её именно на Кубе. Это итоговая компиляция произведений знаменитой певицы (которая прощается со слушателями и уходит на покой), все лучшие песни за последние десять лет

Gloria Estefan - Amor Y Suerte (2004) | MP3 256Kbps | 97 Mb | Romance, latin

Однако здесь нет популярных легкомысленных танцевальных песен, за которые её тоже, как это ни странно, любят :) Все 13 треков этого диска - испаноязычные романсы, чтобы оторваться от которых просто не хватит ни каких сил, описать которые не хватит ни каких слов. Мои рекомендации для Вашего прослушивания.
(за небольшой обзор спасибо жж-юзеру zheka.

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Gloria Estefan may have fallen out of commercial favor with English-speaking audiences over the past several years, but her musical output has hardly reflected a change. It's particularly true of her Spanish-language recordings, on which she has continually evolved and explored new, diverse sounds. Amor y Suerte--Exitos Romanticos chronicles that impressive path, culling some of Estefan's best work from the past decade. Notable are a trio of duets that find the Cuban diva holding her own against the formidable voices of Alejandro Fernandez ("En el Jardin"), Jon Secada ("Por Amor") and Jose Feliciano ("Tengo Que Decirte Algo"). The compilation also features "Hoy" and "Tu Fotografia," two stellar singles from Estefan's unjustly overlooked Unwrapped album. Lush production values and Estefan's plaintive-yet-longing delivery unify the entire project. It ends with "Ay, Ay, Ay Amor," a new track that pulses to a rousing salsa-dance beat and signifies another exciting direction for Latin-pop's premiere songstress. --Joey Guerra

Gloria Estefan can do no wrong. Though her popularity in the English market has been slipping as of late, her career as a Latin goddess has only increased since the hey-days of "Mi Tierra." Only a year after the release of her stunning album, "Unwrapped," Gloria releases a collection of her most beautiful ballads sung in her native tongue. Although "Amor Y Suerte" does not have the upbeat hits, it showcases the material that, in actuality, she is most famous and appreciated for. All of her #1 Latin ballads are featured here, including the timeless "Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan" and the haunting "No Pretendo." Simply said, Gloria Estefan is the master female balladeer in any language. Whether it be in English, Spanish or even Portuguese, Gloria can sing a love song unlike no other -- and this album proves that. What also makes this a worthy collection is the fact that it includes three non-album hits, a brand new song entitled "Ay, Ay, Ay Amor" (which is one of her best yet), and a DVD that features live performances from Sessions@AOL and last year's Vegas stint. Gloria's genuine voice is always candy to the ear; however, when you hear that distinct voice in her native language, it's like adding a dash of sizzling Expresso that warms the heart and stimulates the mind. This collection is yet another testament of how versatile and original Miss Estefan truly is. The Latin queen stikes gold yet again.


(01) Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan
(02) Como Me Duele Perderte
(03) Tu Fotografia
(04) En El Iardin
(05) No Pretendo
(06) Hablas De Mi
(07) Mi Buen Amor
(08) Por Amor
(09) Mientras Tanto
(10) Por un Beso
(11) Hoy
(12) Tengo que Decirte Algo
(13) Ay, Ay, Ay Amor