Godspeed You Black Emperor - f#a#

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Godspeed You Black Emperor - f#a#

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Genre Experimental/Post-Rock | 1 cd | mp3 192 Kb | no Covers | 88 MB

Track listing
1. The Dead Flag Bues
2. East Hastings
3. Providence

On first listen, Montreal collective Godspeed You Black Emporer sounds familiar, like sonic-landscape architects the Dirty Three. But pay closer attention to this debut full-length and you'll find something much more compelling: G.Y.B.E. mix found sounds, voices, lilting string sections, and musique concrète into structures that tell a story. With each listen, a new plot twist is unraveled, a new movie sample identified–you start to listen closely with headphones to pick up new subtleties you couldn't hear previously. Three tracks, a bit over an hour, of great music that defies categorization

Godspeed You Black Emperor - f#a#