Golden Voices From The Silver Screen Vol. 3

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Golden Voices From The Silver Screen Vol. 3

Golden Voices from the Silver Screen Vol. 3

Classic Indian Film Soundtrack Songs From The Television Series 'Movie Mahal'

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'Movie Mahal' was the first television series of its kind, bringing interviews with leading film personalities together with
excerpts of songs from Indian films which represent the diversity of both the cinematic as well as the musical traditions of the Indian sub-continent.

'Movie Mahal' was the brainchild of Nasreen Munni Kabir, who was commissioned by Channel Four Television To Produce and direct the 49 programmes which were well recieved by mostly Asian audiences, and became cult viewing among British viewers.

On This CD, the songs from some of the film clips in 'Movie Mahal' have been selected to give audiences wider access to some of the wealth of Indian popular music.

This is the third and the last volume of this series and covering the years 1955-1981.

Shameem Kabir, Hyphen Films

Golden Voices From The Silver Screen Vol. 3



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