Sherlock Holmes TV Soundtrack

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Sherlock Holmes TV Soundtrack

Sherlock Holmes TV Soundtrack
Composer: Patrick Gowers | Jay Records | January 2000 | Soundtrack | 132 MB
Covers Included | 19 Tracks | MPEG -1.0 layer 3 | 320kbit | 44100Hz | Joint Stereo

One of the nicest things about Patrick Gowers' superb soudtracks for Granada's SHERLOCK HOLMES television series is its subtle sense of humor. There are any number of musical jokes scattered throughout this recording,clever commentary on the action taking place on screen. My favorite is the echo of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" in the soundtrack of THE SECOND STAIN, though you will hear echoes of Elgar in the ILLUSTRIOUS LORD BELLINGER, and a trace of Gustav Mahler in the famous opening theme. This record contains some of the best soundtracks ever recorded for a television show or motion picture. The DEATH OF SHERLOCK HOLMES track is a brilliant and moving piece of music that works just as well when divorced from the visuals. I am delighted to see that this hard-to-find record is back in print and can recommend it to all who love Sherlock Holmes or good film music.

Track list:

1. 221B Baker Street
2. Elsie Cubitt
3. Libera Me
4. North By Ten And By Ten
5. Old Sherman's Dog Toby
6. Sutton's Nightmare
7. River Chase
8. The Death Of Sherlock Holmes
9. Irene Adler Listen Listen
10. Holmes In Europe
11. John Hector McFarlane And His Mother
12. Setting Out
13. Lucretia Venucci And Her Family
14. Mr. Henry Baker's Christmas
15. The Illustrious Lord Bellinger
16. On The Trail
17. Neville St.Clair's Nostalgia
18. The Bar Of Gold, Upper Swandam Lane
19. Baker Street Reunion