Great Ghost Stories Troll Records 1973

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Great Ghost Stories     Troll Records  1973

Great Ghost Stories Troll Records (1973)
Ghosts are imaginary. We all know that. Spirits cannot leave their bodies and travel across miles and miles of ocean, can they? Of course not!
A dead man can't play a guitar. All the annoying things that happen to people every day happen because of their own carelessness. Certainly!
Well….. maybe a ghost or two, or three, or four? Certainly Not! Certainly Not???
Here are four ghostly tales that might just begin to change your mind. Mysterious music and eerie sounds will help you begin to believe. Master storytellers may even convince you!

The Mysterious Shipwreck -A man leaves his body for an incredible sea voyage that ends in tragedy. From the famous tale by Ambrose Bierce.

The Golden Arm - Elvira's husband promised her that if she died before him he would bury her golden arm with her. He kept his promise because Elvira did die – but not for long! The wind howls and when it does, beware! Especially if you happen to have a golden arm that belongs to ….a ghost? Adapted by Cherney Berg.

The Guitar Player - The guitar makes beautiful music when it is played by a master – and even more beautiful music when it is played by a ghost! Adapted by Cherney Berg

Here We Go! - A "boggart" is not a ghost or a vampire or a werewolf. In fact, it isn't anything at all …….. but it can cause you a lot of trouble and there just isn't any way to get rid of it. Here is the story of a farmer and his family who tried everything ––- and failed. Adapted by Cherney Berg.

A great item for your Halloween Party…. darken the room, put on the black lights, maybe some incense……and get ready for scary Halloween Fun.
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Track list

01 The Mysterious Shipwreck
02 The Golden Arm
03 The Guitar Player
04 Here We Go!

Great Ghost Stories     Troll Records  1973

Great Ghost Stories     Troll Records  1973