Gustavo Cerati - Ahi Vamos - 2006 - Rock Argentino

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Gustavo Cerati - Ahi Vamos  - 2006 - Rock Argentino

Gustavo Cerati - Ahi Vamos - 2006 - Rock Argentino
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1. Al fin sucede
2. La excepción
3. Uno entre 1000
4. Caravana
5. Adiós
6. Me quedo aquí
7. Lago en el cielo
8. Dios nos libre
9. Otra piel
10. Medium
11. Bomba de tiempo
12. Crimen
13. Jugo de luna

Info :

Cerati is known for his lead and rhythm guitar talents and for his ability to play intricate lead solos on guitar while singing in key. He released his latest album, Ahí vamos in April 2006, in which his guitar playing is featured prominently as opposed to the heavy use of electronic samplers as in Bocanada. Ahí Vamos was certified platinum in Argentina in only one day.

Despite stating that the Grammys do not matter to him he attended the Latin Grammys ceremony on November 2, 2006 where he won for Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song

Towards 2005 ends it begins to dedicate itself entirely to its new production: "There we go", that is simultaneously published in Argentina and Mexico the 4 of April of 2006. The disc on sale reached the platinum award before its exit, when receiving orders in advance by more than 40.000 units in Argentina. In addition so much by the critic as by the public was excellently received. Co-produced by Gustavo and Tweety González, "we go There" represents a return its roots, with a conception and sonorous structure that leaves from the guitar. The recording of "we go" account with the participation of great musicians There who already accompanied it in other stages by their musical trajectory: Richard Coleman, Fernando Nalé, Fresh Leandro, Tweety González, Emmanuel Cauvet, Fernando Samalea, Pedro Moscuzza, Gonzalez Stock market, Flavius Etcheto, Capri; and Loló Gasparini and Paula Zotalis in choirs. In the mixture, Héctor engineer added itself Castle, that has worked with artists of the stature of Pete Townshend, David Bowie, Lou Reed and Suzanne Fertile valley among others. The disc was masterizado by Howie Weinberg in the study "Masterdisk" of New York. Next Gustavo will present/display "There We go live" in a tour that will begin in Mexico of 1° to the 9 of June. Soon it will return to Argentina to make five functions in the Stage Pepsi Music the 16, 17, 18, 30 of June and 1° of Julio, next to some cities of the rear area. Soon it will travel to the United States of 1° to the 20 of August and in September it will continue crossing Latin America. Of the 29 of that month to the 10 of October it will turn soon by Spain and, the 12 of October will get for the first time in his race to touch in the city of London, England.

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