Harem IV - Rhythm Forever

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Harem IV - Rhythm Forever

Harem IV - Rhythm Forever
MP3 192 Kbps | (2004) | Label: Mega Music | Covers | 52:18 min | 71 Mb
Genre: Instrumental / Percussion / Turkish Belly Dance

The fourth album of the worldwide famous Turkish percussion group who combines Turkish rthyms with drums, bendir, djembe tambourine, darbuka, tabla and shakers. They use all Anatolian rthyms with Indian, Arabic and Spanish sound.

HAREM is a must for the ones who loves instrumental and percussion music.

In 1999 the most successful and talented young percussion artists has gathered in a group called Harem. Harem-Turkish Percussion Group consisted of four young brilliant performers released their first this year.The percussion instruments ignored for years have began to be promoted by many companıes in Turkey nowadays. Four young artists namely Yaşar Akpençe, Bünyamin Olguncan, Kemal Taşpınarlı and Tarık El Zübeyr founded a group called Harem.The musicians mentioned above will be the most important rhythm performers like Mısırlı Ahmet, Sait, Glenn Velez, Zakir Hussain, Okay Temiz, Hafifi, Denis Chambers,…. Because of their incredible speed and style, the group members have nick names, Kemal Taşpınarlı for example is known as flying tef in the music circles.In 12 songs they recorded for their debut album,Harem performed their ability in a very large scale. Besides darbuka, they played tabla, bendir, djembe, küp, tef, tumba-bongo, asma davul, zil. As it is understood, their CD’s is full of the sounds of different cultures. The Harem did not use only the rhythm of Anatolian Music but also the Indian, Arabic and Latin sounds. Group members have improved their experiences both playing various instruments and listening famous percussion performers such as Sait Artist, Glen Velez, Zakkir Hussain, Setrak, Trilok Gurto and Dave Wheckl. The Harem gave their first concert at the European Music Festival this summer.They are so young and brilliant. They are planning to give many concerts in many cities of Turkey and look forward to give concerts also in Europe Festivals.


01. Clap - The Buka
02. Sunshine
03. Heart Of Percussion
04. Enta Omri
05. Medusa
06. Touch The Buka
07. La Pasion Turca
08. Prophecy
09. Feel The Rhythm
10. In The Fairground
11. Dechire
12. Ethnic Vibes