Hero OST Composed By Tan Dun

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Hero OST Composed By Tan Dun

Hero OST Composed By Tan Dun

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1. Hero: Overture
2. For the World - Theme Music
3. Warriors
4. Gone with Leaves
5. Longing
6. At Emperor's Palace
7. In the Chess Court
8. Love in Distance
9. Spirit Fight
10. Swift Sword
11. Farewell, Hero
12. Sorrow in Desert
13. Home
14. Above Water
15. Snow
16. Yearning for the Peace

Tan Dun straddles the very different worlds of concert music and film scores, winning admirers in both. He's perhaps best known for his score to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which shares with Hero a visual poetry that transcends the sword-filled action film genre. In Crouching Tiger, Tan Dun's music was often striking. In Hero he often lapses into repetition and cliché, a failing compensated for by several appealing cues. The Overture, for example, begins with the mournful wail of ancient Chinese instruments set against pounding drums, a promising start that evokes ancient China and the struggles to come. There's a mournful soprano vocalise in "Gone With the Leaves," and the "Warriors" cue recalls Prokofiev's Alexander Nevsky. The plucking of the ancient Chinese lute in "In the Chess Court" evokes a timeless, peaceful mood, contrasting with the thrilling kodo drummers showcased in "Swift Sword." Itzhak Perlman gets cover billing for violin solos any competent studio fiddler could have handled. Tan Dun's admirers will want this, and audiophiles will love those kodo drummers.

Original Release Date: August 24, 2004

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