Hitman Silent Assassin Original Soundtrack

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Hitman Silent Assassin Original Soundtrack

Hitman Silent Assassin Original Soundtrack
bitrate: 224 Kbps VBR | genre: various, orchestral | release date: 2002 | size: 88.6 MB

Jesper Kyd (Silents, Kyd/Balle Productions, etc.) composed this music which was then performed in Budapest by 110 musicians from the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Choir - and mixed & edited in Denmark at major Copenhagen studio "RadioHusets Concert Hall".

The music is dark, ominous and epic. After a few listens the music really starts to reveal it's true qualities as the themes and melodies really just keep growing on you, the more you hear them!

The CD also contains 3 bonus tracks; two of the best tracks of music from the original "Hitman - Codename 47" game (which are otherwise not available outside the game), and one brand new unreleased music track from Jesper Kyd, produced in his studio in New York.

Some of the tracks on this CD also use electronic instruments together with the orchestral, to mix up the sound and keep it fresh. This gives a more varied and pleasurable listening experience; as the whole album plays for about 1 hour and 5 minutes.

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