She Flies Like a Bird: The Anthology - Honeybus

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She Flies Like a Bird: The Anthology - Honeybus

She Flies Like a Bird: The Anthology - Honeybus
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A solitary hit single with 'I Can't Let Maggie Go' in 1968 was poor reward for one of Britain's most brilliant pop bands of all time. As this remarkable retrospective proves, Honeybus boasted some of the finest writers & vocalists of the era, whose haunting songs have grown richer & more affecting with age. This is the most comprehensive collection of their work ever assembled, which includes several unreleased tracks. 51 tracks.
Disc: 1
1. Delighted to See You
2. Breaking Up Scene
3. (Do I Figure) In Your Life
4. Throw My Love Away
5. I Can't Let Maggie Go
6. Tender Are the Ashes
7. Girl of Independant Means
8. How Long [Single Version]
9. She Sold Blackpool Rock
10. Would You Believe
11. Story
12. Black Mourning Band
13. Scarlet Lady
14. Fresher Than the Sweetness in Water
15. He Was Columbus
16. Ceilings No. 1
17. Under the Silent Tree
18. She's Out There
19. She Said Yes
20. I Remember Caroline
21. How Long [LP Version]
22. Ceilings No. 2
23. Right to Choose
24. She Is the Female to My Soul
25. For Where Have You Been
Disc: 2
1. Pete Dello Interview
2. (Do I Figure) In Your Life? [Live BBC Session]
3. Like an Old Time Movie [Live BBC Session]
4. Maxine's Parlour
5. She Comes to Me [Live BBC Session]
6. I Can't Let Maggie Go [Live BBC Session]
7. Ain't That Just Bonny for You [Live BBC Session]
8. Francoise [Live BBC Session]
9. Cigona (She Sold Blackpool Rock)
10. Chi Sei Tu (Ceilings No. 2)
11. For You
12. Little Lovely One
13. Be Thou by My Side
14. Julie in My Heart
15. Big Ship
16. Hear Me Only
17. Texas Gold
18. Madam Chairman of the Committee
19. Jug of Water
20. Proof Enough
21. Like Me Like You Used to Do
22. Lovely Ladies 'N' Things
23. Caterina
24. Slow Rock
25. Music
26. In the End Is My Beginning
CD1 40.05 MB 20.30 MB
Cd2 39.42 MB 24.79 MB

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