Hooked on Classic vol.1

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Hooked on Classic

Disc 1...Disc 3 - Louis Clark with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Disc 4 - Ettore Stratta, New World Ensemble

Прекрасная переработка классической музыки. Это просто стоит слушать. Ремикс различных композиторов, стилей и направлений классической и современой музыки в достойнейшем исполнении Королевского филармоничского оркестра под управлением Луиса Кларка.

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I'm not a Classical Music expert, but I do appreciate good Classical Music. One of the ways, I was actually introduced to Classical Music was back in 1981 when the song "Hooked on Classics" was hitting the radio airwaves. "Hooked on Classics" took advantage of a trend that was beginning to take off in the music industry - remixing. The formula was very simple: A medley of Classical Musical bits played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Louis Clark) with a very simple up tempo dance beat. The result is something very unique. It's a marriage that actually works. In fact, many of these songs could have easily been played in dance clubs (perhaps they actually were played) back in the early 1980s This album actually brings nine selections using this formula. Most are probably going to be familiar with the radio hit "Hooked on Classics", but upon listening to this collection - you will realize that there is so much more offered on this album.

Conductor Louis Clark was also the album's architect and arranger. Clark does an outstanding job at building the medleys and provided the right segue from song to song. This is the collection's strongest point. Clark also does a great job at not over sampling the Classical Music piece. Each medley seems to provide their own unique pieces.


Disc 1
1 Hooked on Classics, Pts. 1 & 2 5:06
2 Hooke on Romance 6:41
3 Hooked on Classics: Pt. 3 6:01
4 Hooked on Bach 5:59
5 Hooked on Tchaikovsky 5:28
6 Hooked on a Song 5:11
7 Hooked on Mozart 4:08
8 Hooked on Mendelssohn 4:24
9 Hooked on a Can Can