Hossein Alizadeh, Madjid Khaladj, Homa Niknam - Birds

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Hossein Alizadeh, Madjid Khaladj, Homa Niknam - Birds

1. Horizon
2. Birds
3. Night Light
4. Fire
5. Light as the Butterfly

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Pass: 6002

Birds soar high into the air looking after winds
Buds keep dreaming of clear waters
Earth remains uncovered and gardens full of illusions
Back to me comes your graciousness more generous than the sun

Poem of M.Azad

Go mad, lovers, go mad and let go of your games.
Be a moth and enter into the heart of the flame.

To yourself become foreign; let home fall to ruin,
Then come and live in the house where lovers live.

Scrub all hatred from your breast, wash it clean seven times.
Only then can you drink cup of love's wine.

Be worthy as a lover: transform yourself entirely to love.
If you choose love's drunken path, you must drink and drink untill you're drunk.

In the ears of lovers, Reason whispers complaint.
If you need to listen, resign yourself to pain.

Since your very life hangs upon hearing this sweetest of stories,
Then die; and like a lover, become a lover's story.

Let your night in the grave be the night of the God's revelation;
Be a worthy lodging for spirit's habitation.

You are nothing less than merciful tree where the prophet leaned as he preached;
Let compassion grow like a tree.

Though the beloved hides her face, yet be the mirror filled with her;
And when she frees her hair, become the comb.

How long will you be constrained like the rook; how long weak like thepawn?
How long will you go the queen's crooked ways? King that you are, be the king.

Reason and speach, go up to the roof! How long till you fly away?
Leave home behind and wander: have nothing more to say.

Come, Shams-e Tabrizi, your home is the heart of hearts.
Oh king, grant music to my soul. King, be the king that you are.

Poem of Majzoob Tabrizi