Goofy Gold - 61 Sounds of Terror - HRB Music - HRB 5000-HS 1979

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Goofy Gold - 61  Sounds of Terror  - HRB Music - HRB 5000-HS 1979

Goofy Gold - 61 Sounds of Terror - HRB Music - HRB 5000-HS 1979

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This 1979 cheapo collection of sound effects came bundled in the same sleeve as HRB's "Goofy Gold" novelty song LP (pretty great in its own right), and seems to have been assembled from a combination of pretty common sound libraries, other people's existing sound effects records(!) & a quick day spent in the studio just to pad things out to 61 cuts. Aside from the intro (used to good effect on the Satan's Pilgrims "PlayGhoulash for You" single) my favorite two tracks are probably the under-a-minute-and-a-half condensed versions of the Dracula & Frankenstein stories from "Famous Monsters Speak", but by saying this I certainly don't mean to take away from the charm of good ol' "Wolf Cry #2" or "Chimes with Echo".
As seen on TV 27 years ago, these 61 Horror Sounds of Terror are now a mere click away! Thanks Jason

Track List

01 Spoken Intro.mp3
02 Wind Storm 01.mp3
03 Walking With Chains 01.mp3
04 Wolf Cry 01.mp3
05 Banshee Scream.mp3
06 Growling Wolf.mp3
07 Man Screams 01.mp3
08 Frankenstein's Laboratory (Famous Monsters Speak! Ripoff).mp3
09 Gong.mp3
10 Piano Chords.mp3
11 Chimes With Echo.mp3
12 Torture Chamber With Screams.mp3
13 Ambient Space Sounds.mp3
14 Creaks 01.mp3
15 Creaks 02.mp3
16 Creaks 03.mp3
17 Creaks 04.mp3
18 Rip With Scream 01.mp3
19 Rip With Scream 02.mp3
20 Haunted Train.mp3
21 Monster Sound 01.mp3
22 Dracula Speaks (Famous Monsters Speak! Ripoff).mp3
23 Woman Screams 01.mp3
24 Ship Groans 01.mp3
25 Bat Flight.mp3
26 Monster Sounds With Screaming.mp3
27 Evil Laugh 01.mp3
28 Ship Groans 02.mp3
29 Wolf Cry 02.mp3
30 Witch Cackle.mp3
31 Woman Screams With Evil Laugh 01.mp3
32 Monster Roar 01.mp3
33 Raven.mp3
34 Ravens.mp3
35 Monster Roar 02.mp3
36 Wolf Cry 03.mp3
37 Wolf Cry 04.mp3
38 Evil Laugh 02.mp3
39 Monster Roar 03.mp3
40 Door Creak.mp3
41 Door Creak With Slam.mp3
42 Church Bells.mp3
43 Wind Storm 02.mp3
44 Creak And Crash.mp3
45 Monster Grunts And Laughs.mp3
46 Creaks, Shutters Bang, Wind.mp3
47 Wind Storm 03.mp3
48 Creaks And Footsteps With Chains.mp3
49 Wind Storm With Spooky Sounds.mp3
50 Heavy Breathing 01.mp3
51 Man Screams 02.mp3
52 Man Screams 03.mp3
53 Evil Laugh With Echo 01.mp3
54 Evil Laugh With Echo 02.mp3
55 Haunted Musical Ambience.mp3
56 Thunder 01.mp3
57 Heavy Breathing 02.mp3
58 Woman Screams With Evil Laugh 02.mp3
59 Thunder 02.mp3
60 Evil Laugh 03.mp3
61 Man In Desperate Hurry With City Sounds.mp3