Hukwe Zawose: Mateso

Posted By: sulingman
Hukwe Zawose: Mateso

by Master Musicians Of Tanzania
Label: Triple Earth
mp3 - 320 kbps 2 rapidshare files 128MB

Excellent record. This pinnacle of polyphony rewards you with each listen. There is no place for dust to settle on this music.

Led by Hukwe Zawose, imo his best work.

Tanzania Yetu 08:36
Sisi Vijana 04:43
Nhongolo 08:51
Kononze Mduwo / Mbijili 05:46
Ulele Mwana Lelo Zaina 05:03
Chisanga 04:13
Mateso 10:08
Lukunzi 04:46
Tumuunge Mikono 05:37
Mateso (Inst. Reprise) 03:00