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Ibrica Jusić is popular Croatian singer and songwriter. On this album Ibrica sings sevdalinkas. Sevdalinka is a traditional genre of folk music originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sevdalinka is called simply sevdah. Sevdalinka is charactericized by a slow or moderate tempo and rich harmony, leaving a melancholic feeling with the listener. This songs are very elaborate, emotionally charged and are traditionally sung with passion and fervor. The singer will often impose the rhythm and tempo of the song, both of which can vary throughout the song. It is usually sung with a single male vocal, although female vocals are not uncommon. Usually, it is played by a small orchestra containing accordion (the most prominent), violin, nylon-string guitars and/or other string instruments (occasionally), flute or clarinet (occasionally), upright bass, snare drum, although in the past traditional instruments such as the saz were used as well. In between the verses, an accordion or violin solo can almost always be heard. Its lyrics are ballads, usually devoted to falling in love or to unfortunate love - the origin of the name is a Turkish word sevdah meaning passion or lovesickness.

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