Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes

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A good review (excerpt from Ama_zon):

Reviewer: Barry Dejasu "the_otherness" (Rehoboth, Massachusetts)

This is, without a doubt, THE definitive Iced Earth album. Heavy, fast, intense at times; light, slow, quiet at others. This is the album to buy if you're first getting into Iced Earth. It shows the best of everyone's abilities; band leader/rhythm guitarist/songwriter John Schaffer's heavy riffs and melodies, not to mention his superb songwriting skills, are among their best here. Matthew Barlow shows off the best of his vocal ranges on this album, hitting such high screeches and deep of the best vocalists alive, that's for sure. And Larry Tarnowski's lead guitar riffs are superb, as always. This album is full of unpredictable moments of heaviness and melody, except in the way the songs were arranged: heavy-soft-heavy-soft-heavy-soft-heavy-swaggering-heavy...and then there's the "Something Wicked" trilogy at the end. I'll get to that later. Meanwhile, a song-by-song review:
BURNING TIMES--"It doesn't matter what you've done, in my words you are a sinner..." I get chills every time at Matthew Barlow's growls in the chorus. A fairly fast-paced riff masterpiece, (with bells chiming at the beginning and end, similar to NIGHT OF THE STORMRIDER's "Angel's Holocaust", this is a great album-starter.

MELANCHOLY (HOLY MARTYR)--At first I was somewhat unimpressed by this song, mostly for the gentle, quivering, almost weak vocals at the beginning, but since then I've learned that this is a song about Christ on the cross, and his resulting sorrow--and I realized the vocals couldn't have been better. Soft acoustic passages in the intro and verses are nice breathers before heavier, lingering riffs and a beautiful solo.

DISCIPLES OF THE LIE--WOW! Probably one of the heaviest songs on the album, not to mention most intense. Starts off fast, ends fast. Matthew's howls of fury in the chorus...mindblowing. Drums really stand out in this song, too. Instead of a guitar solo, there is a haunting keyboard solo over the rhythm section, and then the vocals and guitars kick back in behind it...ooooh, good stuff.

WATCHING OVER ME--A good breather after "Disciples", this is a wonderful tribute to a late friend of John Schaffer's, who died in a motorcycle accident shortly before Iced Earth's first album came out. Quiet acoustic passages and a wonderful solo (performed by producer Jim Morris). Excellent stuff.

STAND ALONE--Far better than Godsmack's recent song of the same name (no relation otherwise), and with a better message: "Listen not to ones who preach/ Those who feel you're a freak...". This is a good song to listen to when depressed from peer torment. Excellent, heavy, angry, but soothing. Gotta love the little post-chorus solos! And whoever said this ... Metallica's "Blackened" should see a psychiatrist.

CONSEQUENCES--And back to the is a song that deserves lighters held high. Sad, quiet choruses, acoustic/clean electric guitars...the whole song is quiet for the most part, until the bridge, where heavier riffs come in to back a powerful and climatic solo. Matthew Barlow's screeches at the end of the bridge are perfect. My favorite slow song on here.

MY OWN SAVIOR--Great headbanging song. Fast, intense, and a good "... off" chorus to shout at while blaring this from your stereo. I love the quieter pre-chorus parts; sort of a place to take a breather before screaming your head off. Yeah, DEFINATELY a good headbanging song.

REAPING STONE--This is the only song on the album that I'd give less than 5 stars to. It's Iced Earth, don't get me wrong, seems to "swagger" too much. The lyrics start off interesting, with a woman lost in the woods who runs accross some cursed "reaping stone", but then the rest of the song seems too focused on the seductive words of the reaping stone, as sung to her. It might have been better if the song described just what was happening to her. Good music though; the bridge is reminiscent of Metallica's "The Thing That Should Not Be"--NOT a ..., but SIMILAR. I like it like that. Okay song, but my least favorite on the album, possibly out of all Iced Earth's stuff.

1776--INSTRUMENTAL TIME! This song is fast, intense, amazing! Furiously lightning-paced, and a beautiful flute solo over a good drumroll in the bridge. Excellent instrumental, one of my all-time favorites from Iced Earth!

BLESSED ARE YOU--This is a song dedicated to all the millions of fans of Iced Earth out there; heavy yet melodic, with a great opening of clean guitars and singing. A great way of saying thanks--YOU ARE VERY WELCOME!

------SOMETHING WICKED (trilogy)-------

PROPHECY--My favorite song out of the trilogy, quite possibly on the whole album. Good 'n' heavy, nice guitar solo, and a couple sweet bass solos! Best part of the song would have to be just before the bridge, where the tempo rears up like some gigantic beast, then launches into this ultra-heavy and fast thrash monster. While the song is generally heavy throughout, the chorus riffs are so heavy and perfect...OOH! ...and then there's the plot. Ages ago, a race of beings foresaw the coming of the human race, which would threaten to wipe them extinct. They seek to create a savior for their kind, who will be born aeons later to wreak havoc on mankind. A chilling, Lovecraftian plot, this song ends with an honestly frightening (to me, anyway) sound: the tick-tock of a clock, signifying the passing of time as they prepare to bring about our doom.

BIRTH OF THE WICKED--The Watcher has been born! The story continues through this fast thrash piece, but not as chilling (to me) as "Prophecy".

THE COMING CURSE--The Watcher has begun his wreaking of havoc upon all! Here we find that he has begun the absolute apocalypse. John Schaffer stated that this trilogy of songs is sort of a precursor to a whole other story, one which we can assume will be a future concept album as the Watcher brings about the end of mankind and the return of his own kind. Can't wait!

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