Imperia - The Ancient Dance of Qetesh

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Imperia - The Ancient Dance of Qetesh

Imperia - The Ancient Dance of Qetesh
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Genre: Metal, Gothic, Alternative

Imperia is an atmospheric metal band who's sound is especially evident by the distinguished and remarkable strong voice of Helena Iren Michaelsen (ex- Trail Of Tears), who sings in a variety of styles from deep emotional feelings to extreme operatic expressions. The music is full of vivacity, it is heavy, bombastic and orchestral, but it also contains elements of pure metal. The band is a true cross-border unit of musicians originating from different countries: Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Through hard work and extensive touring the band has earned its reputation as a powerful live band.

Helena Iren Michaelsen - Vocals and choirs
Steve Wolz - Drums
John Stam - Guitars
Gerry Verstreken - Bass
Jan "Örkki" Yrlund - Guitars
Audun Grønnestad - Orchestrations


01. Awakening
02. Mysted By Desire
03. The Ancient Dance Of Qetesh
04. Mordor
05. Angelchild
06. Escape
07. Into Paradise
08. Entering The Perspective
09. Into The Great Wide Open
10. Secret Garden
11. In My Mind
12. Chill Out