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The Dubliners «Further Along»

Posted By: Sauri
The Dubliners «Further Along» (1996)
Irish Folk

MP3 / 320kbit / 55:23 / 139 Mb

The Dubliners started playing together in O'Donahue's bar in 1962. The original members were Ronnie Drew, Ciaran Bourke, Barney McKenna and Luke Kelly. According to popular legend, the group were named after the book 'Dubliners' by James Joyce. In the early 70's they started touring the world. One of Luke Kelly's dying wishes was that the Dubliners should work for charity - there was a charity concert performed later in 1984 in Dublin and also have a concert video recorded in 1984. The Dubliners toured Europe in the autumn of 1995 and were joined by Paddy Reilly in January of 1996. This was followed by a trip to the recording studios to make Further Along and another tour of Europe.

Скачать / Download:

Tracks 1 - 3 | 23.6 Mb

1. Step It Out Mary
2. Back In Durham Gaol
3. Reels: Sailing Iin, Alice's Reel

Tracks 4 - 6 | 28 Mb

4. Coming Of The Road
5. If You Ever Go To Dublin Town
6. Ar Éirinn Ni Neosfainn Cé Hi

Tracks 7 - 9 | 25.5 Mb

7. Dirty Old Town
8. Tá An Coileach Ag Fógairt An Lae
9. St. Patrick's Cathedral

Tracks 10 - 12 | 23.1 Mb

10. The Crack Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man
11. Song For Ireland
12. Job Of Journeywork

Tracks 13 - 15 | 24.6 Mb

13. Cavan Girl
14. Further Along
15. Jigs: Miss Zanussi, St. Martin's Day

Track 16 | 12.6 Mb

16. Working Man