Iron Butterfly - Heavy

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Iron Butterfly - Heavy

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Genre: Psychedelic rock | 1 CD | MP3 256 Kbps | Incl Covers | 57 MB

Track listing
1. Possession
2. Unconscious Power
3. Get Out Of My Life, Woman
4. Gentle As It May Seem
5. You Can't Win
6. So-Lo
7. Look For The Sun
8. Fields Of Sun
9. Stamped Ideas
10. Iron Butterfly Theme

"Heavy" was the first album released by Iron Butterfly, although the group was not really the same one that would put out the longest one-hit wonder track of all time, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida." The common denominators were bandleader, organist, and vocalist Doug Ingle and drummer Ron Busy, but the other three members of the group on this 1968 album were about to be replaced. If you really feel the need to have another Iron Butterfly album besides the obvious one, go for the follow-up "Ball" instead of this one. The interest in this one ends up being historical rather than musical because here we have the birth of heavy metal where heavy guitar riffs create an attacking wall of sound and the effect is very much of a garage band with really powerful amps and super big speakers. The sound is the thing here and not the songs, mainly because they really end up sounding all alike. "Possession" and "Unconscious Power," if not the best of the bunch, are at least representative of the sound. As for me, I am content to play one Iron Butterfly song from one album because that is the one with the monster riff of all heavy metal riffs

Iron Butterfly - Heavy