Isobel Campbell. Amorino (2003)

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Isobel Campbell. Amorino (2003)

Isobel Campbell - Amorino (2003)
Ogg Vorbis q5 | October 7, 2003 | Label: Snowstorm (UK)/Instincts Records (US) | 44:07 min | 51Mb
Genre: Rock | Styles: Twee Pop, Chamber Pop, Indie Pop, Chamber Jazz

Former Belle & Sebastian member Isobel Campbell's first album under her own name is very similar to the two albums she recorded as the Gentle Waves. The same autumnal melancholy pervades the songs, the same delicate beauty exists in the arrangements, the same tender emotions are on display lyrically, and Campbell's voice is still a fragile wisp barely able to stay afloat above the sad sawing of the strings. What has changed is the scale of the record: it is really quite grand, with a seeming cast of thousands helping to make the record achingly lush and romantic.

01. Amorino 3:45
02. The Breeze Whispered Your Name 4:45
03. Monologue for an Old True Love 3:41
04. October's Sky 2:32
05. The Cat's Pyjamas 2:23
06. Why Does My Head Hurt So? 2:15
07. Johnny Come Home 3:41
08. Poor Butterfly 3:00
09. Love for Tomorrow 2:48
10. There Is No Greater Gold 4:08
11. This Land Flows With Milk 4:19
12. Song for Baby 3:49
13. Time Is Just the Same 2:55

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