James Solberg - See That My Grave is Kept Clean

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James Solberg - See That My Grave is Kept Clean

James Solberg - See That My Grave is Kept Clean
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Released: 1995 | Genre: Blues

Jim Solberg's debut album 'See That My Grave is Kept Clean' is a storming collection of hard-driving electric blues. Before he had the chance to make this record, Solberg perfected his trade by working as a sideman. Those years slinging a guitar paid off in spades, as this record demonstrates. There's a maturity to his style, but there's also unbridled energy – the combination is, at times, irresistable. The songs may be a little uneven, but there's no denying that Solberg and his crack supporting band have made See That My Grave Is Kept Clean into something to remember.

Label: Atomic Theory
Original Release Date: August 1, 1995

1. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean - James Solberg, Jefferson, Blind Le
2. Cry for Me Baby - James Solberg, London, Mel
3. Let's Straighten It Out - James Solberg, Latimore, Benny
4. Somebody Give Me a Guitar - James Solberg, Solberg, James
5. Everything's Gonna Be Alright - James Solberg, Jacobs, Walter
6. Bad Love - James Solberg, Solberg, James
7. Baby, When Ya Comin' Back - James Solberg, Solberg, James
8. St. James Infirmary - James Solberg, Primrose, Joe
9. Man of Many Words - James Solberg, Guy, Buddy
10. Ain't Nobody's Business - James Solberg, Grainger, Porter
11. Snatch It Back and Hold It - James Solberg, Wells, Junior
12. Jimmy's Blues - James Solberg, Solberg, James