Day & Night by Janice M. Vidal (Wei Lan) Lossless FLAC

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Day & Night by Janice M. Vidal (Wei Lan) Lossless FLAC

Janice M. Vidal (Wei Lan) - Day & Night
Release Date: April 13, 2005 | Language: Cantonese, English | Format: Lossless FLAC

Janice is acclaimed for singing cover versions of Leon Lai's songs. Belonging to the same music label as mega star Leon Lai, Janice first caught the media's attention by singing one of Leon's essential tunes "Unspoken Words of Deep Feelings", which became the first hit song of her debut album Day & Night.

While her voice has been applauded by critics and music producers alike, her face was never revealed until very recently when she was about to release her first album. But even without seeing the charming appearance of Janice, who is of Korean, Filipino, and Chinese heritage, many critics all find her voice to be uniquely charismatic. Enjoy Janice's stunning songs by playing her album Day & Night!

01 In Love Again (我这样爱你)
02 情深说话未曾讲
03 不可一世
04 一夜倾情
05 Chocolate Ice (听身体唱歌)
06 Sugar In the Marmalade
07 夏日倾情
08 My Eyes Don’t Lie (大纲与细节)
09 2004 (两个人烟火)
10 Love Me Accapella (你得爱我)
11 Superman (双雄)
12 Long Distance (情深说话未曾讲)
13 不可一世 (X’mas Version)

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