Jarboe - The Men Album, 2CD, 2005 y. Atavistic

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Jarboe - The Men Album, 2CD, 2005 y. Atavistic

Jarboe - The Men Album, 2CD, 2005y. Atavistic
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Jarboe - The Men Album, 2005г. Atavistic

Disc 1 Guitar
1. This Is Life (Jarboe) Performed by: William Faith, Jarboe 6:01
2. Found (DeSouza, Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, Alan Sparhawk 3:21
3. To Forget (DeSouza, Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, Iva Davies 4:17
4. Reason to Live (Child, Stanley) Performed by: Jarboe, Joseph Budenholzer 5:09
5. Redeemer (Lion) (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe 1:33
6. A Woman's Dreams (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, Monica Richards, Paz Lenchantin 7:42
7. Into Feral (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, Nic LeBan, Blixa Bargeld 1:54
8. Feral Blixa (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, Blixa Bargeld 2:07
9. Feral (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, Steve VonTill, Paz Lenchantin 8:37
10. Your Virgin Martyr (LeBan) Performed by: Jarboe, Nic LeBan 7:15

Disc 2 Rhythmic
1. This Is Life, Meridien (Howard, Jarboe, Ross) Performed by: Jarboe, Percy Howard 5:54
2. Angel David (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, David J. 4:04
3. Dark Strong Sauce (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, Mika Vainio 0:44
4. Bass Force/Angel Jim (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, Kris Force, Jim Thirlwell, 8:36
5. Torn Kiss (Torn) Performed by: Jarboe, David Torn 2:17
6. Penance (Izzo, Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, James Izzo 8:41
7. Subtraction (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, Chris Connelly, 4:53
8. Jarboe Feral (Durga) (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe 1:08
9. When the Sun Rises (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, Bradley, Blind Michael, Diana Obscura 2:56
10. Edward Life (Jarboe) Performed by: Jarboe, Edward Ka-Spel 12:52

Jarboe - Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Engineer, Vocal Arrangement, Mixing
Blixa Bargeld - Vocals
Michael Bradley - Vocals
Joseph Budenholzer - Guitar, Engineer, Vocal Engineer
Chris Connelly - Vocals
Iva Davies - Guitar, Programming, Vocals, Producer, Mixing
William Faith - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Programming, Producer, Engineer, Vocal Arrangement, Editing, Mixing
Kris Force - Bass, Producer, Bass Engineer
M. Gira - Drawing
Percy Howard - Vocals, Producer
James Izzo - Keyboards, Producer, Engineer, Vocal Engineer
David J - Vocals, Producer, Engineer
Edward Ka-Spel - Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Sounds
Nic LeBan - Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Mixing
Paz Lenchantin - Bass, Violin, Vocals
Diana Obscura - Cello, Vocals, Producer, Engineer
Monica Richards - Vocals
David Torn - Guitar, Producer, Engineer, Sounds
Mika Vainio - Vocals, Accounting
Steve VonTill - Guitar

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