Jim Chappell - Nightsongs and Lullabies (1994)

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Jim Chappell - Nightsongs and Lullabies (1994)

Jim Chappell - Nightsongs and Lullabies (1994)
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Soothing music for the end of the day. Beautiful piano accompanied by the occasional harmonica, clarinet, cello… truly enchanting.


01. Jim Chappell - Day's End
02. Jim Chappell - Indian Child
03. Jim Chappell - Song to Myself
04. Jim Chappell - Storytime
05. Jim Chappell - Alone
06. Jim Chappell - A Job Well Done
07. Jim Chappell - Lullaby
08. Jim Chappell - Friends with the Moon
09. Jim Chappell - Same Old Dream
10. Jim Chappell - Blanket of Stars
11. Jim Chappell - Soul

Dedicated to the excellent folks of the AvaxHome community who make this place worthy of visiting everyday. My gratitude in particular, and in no order whatsoever to: Conde Luna, Jozzie121, iceshoweronfire, serial & alejx007. Thank you for showing me the beautiful music that I would never would have known if it weren't for your efforts.

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