Jim Stafford - Jim Stafford (1974)

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Jim Stafford - Jim Stafford (1974)

Jim Stafford - Jim Stafford (1974)
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Release Date: 1974
Genre: Country
Label: Polydor
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Jim Stafford

Jim Stafford (born 16 January 1944 in Eloise, Florida) was a comedian and musician in the 1970s and had a couple of semi-novelty hits with three songs, Spiders and Snakes, Wildwood Weed and the controversial My Girl, Bill. He continues to work as a comedian in Branson, Missouri performing at the Jim Stafford Theater.

Jim Stafford's self-titled debut album gave him four Top 40 chart singles, with the schoolboyish charm of "Spiders and Snakes" reaching the highest at number three in July of 1973. His friendly voice and novelty style of songwriting actually carried some well-deserved weight, especially throughout the lesson-teaching lightheartedness of "Swamp Witch," a well-crafted story song, and again on the laughable "My Girl Bill." "Wildwood Weed" sticks with Stafford's love of playing with words, and non-hits like "I Ain't Sharin' Sharon" and "16 Little Red Noses and a Horse That Sweats" carry on with the same type of innocent jocularity that ran amuck throughout the mid-'70s, bolstered by artists like Ray Stevens and CW McCall. Either this album or any of his hits packages will satisfy any interest. ~ Mike DeGagne, All Music Guide
Jim Stafford (Guitar (Acoustic)), Jim Stafford (Banjo), Jim Stafford (Guitar), Jim Stafford (Harmonica), Jim Stafford (Main Performer), Lobo (Producer), Gallagher, John Abbott (Arranger), John Abbott (String Arrangements), Richard Bennett (Guitar (Acoustic)), Richard Bennett (Guitar), Richard Bennett (Guitar (Electric)), Alan Estes (Conga), Phil Gernhard (Arranger), Phil Gernhard (Producer), Phil Gernhard (String Arrangements), Emory Gordy (Bass), Emory Gordy (Arranger), Emory Gordy (String Arrangements), Richard Hyde (Trombone), Michael Lietz (Engineer), Alan Lindgren (Synthesizer), Alan Lindgren (Keyboards), Dennis St. John (Drums), Slyde Hyde (Trombone), Gary N. Mayo (Remixing), Gary N. Mayo (Mastering)

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01 - L.A. Mamma
02 - I Ain't Sharin' Sharon
03 - Medley - Mr. Bojangles, A Visit With An Old Friend
04 - Wildwood Weed
05 - 16 Little Red Noses And A Horse That Sweats
06 - Spiders And Snakes
07 - The Last Chant
08 - My Girl Bill
09 - Nifty Fifties Blues
10 - A Real Good Time
11 - Swamp Witch

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