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Jimi Hendrix - Band Of Gypsys [1970]

Posted By: lateshift

Jimi Hendrix - Band Of Gypsys
live at the fillmore east 31.12.69

"Tired of the showboating image that his early live performances had saddled him with--and that his black audience viewed as demeaning and degrading to his musical talent--Hendrix dissolved his Experience in 1969 in search of a more terra-firma-grounded, blues-oriented persona. On New Year's Eve, Hendrix, his old Army buddy bassist Billy Cox, and ex-Electric Flag drummer Buddy Miles performed a loose, jam-filled set at New York's Fillmore East (completists will want the panoramic though uneven Live at the Fillmore East). Released a few months after his New Year's Eve 1970 concert, Band of Gypsys underscored Hendrix's desired return to basics--even if his basic was at a level most guitarists could never attain in a lifetime of playing." --Billy Altman

01 - Who Knows
02 - Machine Gun
03 - Changes
04 - Power To Love
05 - Message To Love
06 - We Gotta Live Together
192 - 224 VBR.. Covers
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