[jazz] Jimmy Smith - The Fantastic Jimmy Smith

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Nineteen ninety-four marks forty years for Jimmy Smith on the Hammond organ. Although he made the switch from the piano in 1953, Jimmy did not really find his voice on the organ until the following year. Woodshedding took place in the warehouse where he and his father worked as plasterers. Jimmy recalls: “I got my organ from a loan shark had it shipped to the warehouse. I stayed in that warehouse, I would say, six months to a year. I would do just like the guys do – take my lunch, then I'd go and set down at this beast. Nobody showed my anything, man, so I had to fiddle around with my stops”.

Jimmy Smith - The Fantastic Jimmy Smith | HQ VBR

Track list:
01-Stranger In Paradise
02-Jimmy's Jam
03-It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
04-I Can't Give You Anything But Love
05-I Had The Craziest Dream
06-Tell Me
07-I Hear A Rhapsody
08-Jeepers Creepers
09-Jimmy Swings

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